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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are generally cleaned using the HWE method, ( hot water extraction ) as this is the most thorough way to deep clean and rinse away soil. This is sometimes known by customers as “steam cleaning” which can sound a bit daunting to some people.

This is the preferred method of most major carpet manufacturers and is the system 9 out of 10 carpet cleaners use. This is the only way to properly remove soil and dirt from deep within the carpet pile, leaving your carpets clean and smelling fresh. Our up to date chemicals, methods and machines mean carpets dry in around 2 hours.

Cleaning Process:

  1. Carpet Evaluation
  2. Thorough power vacuum
  3. Application of appropriate cleaning solution
  4. Agitation of cleaning solution
  5. Hot Water Extraction
  6. Spot Treatment & Removal
  7. Secondary Extraction
  8. Carpet Grooming